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WOCO Hike & SH

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Some of my FAVORITE scenes from last week’s hike! It was truly triumphant and absolutely monumental!

Every Hike brings something fresh and an overall renewal to my soul. I sit in deep gratitude for the high vibrational love that is manifested each month on our excursions. the universe is always unfolding and sending us messages we simply have to be in a space to receive with clarity and surrender. When on the trail with all my sisters I find myself in a state of such unshakable peace and trust.

Words can never explain on motion and action can portray this is why we keep going month after month.




Open Heartedness


all the vibrations of love — 432Hz as sound.

attuned by nature & healing daily.

sending a bunch of love !

Ra ✨🌲

Sha'Ron Parker
Paegan Kesler
Cynthia Randolph


The Official WOCO Hike & Sound Healing Virtual Space! ✨📬Up...


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