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Full Set Private Sound Healing Session in the comfort of your home!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From 120 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

JOIN US FOR THE ULTIMATE HEALING SESSION . ALIGN MIND BODY AND SPIRIT IMMEDIATELY EXPERIENCE THE HEALTH BENEFITS: Clarity of thought Full body Relaxation Emotional Balance Mental Stability Easy to Sleep & much more! "A sound bath provides the participants with a meditative experience without having to know how to meditate," -Nate Martinez We will come to you! IN HOME BREAK DOWN: Be sure your area is clean and free of clutter. We will arrive take 10 minute to set up, chat, stretch then ask you to lay on a mat on the floor with you legs arms straight with palms of hands facing upward. A pillow or cushion will be necessary to support the neck and head. As the crystal bowls begin to sing, you may first begin to experience an influx of tension within your being. This is a sign of stress being broken up. In this case, do your best to relax so that the body can release it. Deeply breathe and relax into the waves of sound. Allow them to engulf your vessel. Deeply breath into the areas of tension within your body. You will continue to relax deeper and enjoy the harmonic notes emanating from the flute coupled with a various tones from bells and chimes. Release the tension from your heart space as the shamanic drum beats around and through to usher in divine love flow you as you sink deeper inward and heal on all levels down to your very DNA. We will prompt to remind you of your healing intentions as you surrender, breathe and relax. The duration of the service is approximately 1hr & 30 mins from the time we arrive to the time we leave. At the end, you can remain in savasana (laying position) as you slowly begin to come back into your normal alert state during a period of time we call the Awakening. As slow and steady process of calling your vital life force back into animate and restore the physical body. Service also includes: 45 MIN VIBRATIONAL AURIC HEALING Via SOUND INTUITIVE ANGEL MESSAGE SACRED SMUDGING CANDLE LIT SET BURNING FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH Terms: *Please read and agree to sound healing waiver. Be aware that people with inorganic materials implanted in the body, such as prosthetic or metal may experience adverse from the sounds. Attend at your own risk, although we highly recommend that you do not. *Appropriate for All Ages

Cancellation Policy

For all services outside of our monthly Traditional WOCO Hike & Sound Healing (TWH) We allow a maximum of 2 reschedules . All sales are final. No Refunds. For more informations about our Hike Policies please review our 'Communications + Policies' page located in the drop down menu under 'Next Hike'.

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