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The daily hustle and bustle of our daily lives can easily lead us astray and cloud our vision of the things most relevant and right for us. With this being said, we invite you to take this weekend to realign with your dreams, visions, and will. Release tension and restore the vital life force within.


Join us for 4 Days and 3 Night for an ALL INCLUSIVE Getaway! We will engage daily in Yoga, Sound Healing and Meditation to re-centralize and rejuvenate our being.

Take your own time to undergo the transformations appropriate and unique to you.

It is within the will of the universe for us to maintain fruitfulness and continuously reap the abundance that is appropriate for us. It is our divine connection with the Creator via the intuition that allows us to receive guidance along our life paths in knowing what is for us and what is not. Set a course of action so that the body can follow. Finally, attune the spirit into the ALL so that you regain your inner powers that assist in manifesting all you aspire into your world.


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