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Biggest Lessons Learned in 2018:

Wisdom To Move Forward With

As Winter Solstice is upon us, it is a PERFECT time to reflect on time past, and plant seeds of intention that will flourish, beautifully come spring! Here are some lessons that have come from our reflection and preparation for the year ahead.

What vital lesson have you learned this year that you will carry with you into the next?

Follow intuition and divine guidance.

           Be attentive! -- To  dreams, subtle inclines, and other messages from within. Then, adhere.

           to them.

        Do not fear, so called ‘negative‘ experiences  spiritual or otherwise.

They are friends and teachers! Assess them. What do they mean? Use the take away from that

experience to move forward in the most harmonious ways possible.

           Remember, all is playing out for the best.


Keep control of heart and emotions.

           Listen and be open to communication, but do not allow for self to be swayed or

           persuaded. It is easy to fall into ‘negative’ or non beneficial emotional patterns and

           responses. Cultivate those that are beneficial and favorable.


Take charge of own energy and time.

           These are valuable. Use them  in ways that are beneficial to purpose and intention.

           Stay aware, in each moment, of how they are being utilized. Check in with each act

           throughout the day, and ask self ‘what is is this working in support of? How is this

           contributing to my growth / intention?’

    Focus only on what I want to cultivate.

           This links up with the previous lesson. Stay aware and intentional. Create an overall

           intention, intention for certain time period, or certain spaces entered into. These must

           work in harmony. Stay focused on thoughts, feelings, emotions, speach, actions that

           support this intention.


Trust in myself.

           Wwheeew...a BIG one. All higher movement requires a deep trust in self. Moving based

           on personal, inner experience and innerstanding is vital. Of course, receive wisdom from

           external sources, AND trust in self to make the final decision. To realize, be, and offer up

           true myself...that's a gift to self AND this world.


Focus on myself.

Links, again, with the previous lesson. Keep focus on nourishing and advancing self. Look INWARD. All else will fall into place.


Take Action!

Challenge self! Push self! Be pro-active!




  • All of my experiences are for my highest good. I am sooo grateful for them all.

  • I trust myself, deeply.

  • I take full control of my experience. I am, successfully, achieving self mastery.

  • I am in tune with my true self.

  • I am living as my true self.

  • I am up and active when need be! I am restful when called for. I am balanced.

  • I focus inward, toward my true self.

  • My purpose and deepest desire is (desires are) mine to grab. I go for it!

  • I am cultivating a vibrant, lush, and soul nourishing emotional state of being.

  • I take control of my time and energy.

  • I am whole. I am, completely, capable!

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