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Peaceful Greetings!


We are WOCO Hike and Sound Healing an organization that host hiking trips for Woman of Color Only (WOCO).  We find it of the utmost significance to create a space for Women of Color to connect, bond and heal together given that many of the societal issues, traumas, and hardships that we deal with in life are unique to us. Nevertheless, we genuinely appreciate the world and the beautiful people within from all creeds & cultures. Nevertheless, we exclusively reserve the right to heal together as a means of reestablishing trust and love for one another as a community. Our mission is to create space in places that are adequate enough to express the truest part of ourselves, life experiences and build a genuine connection with other Women of Color from an array of backgrounds. We learn from one another, share stories, and ground our energies through group sound meditation (sound therapy) to experience an internal consciousness awakening that realigns the mind, body and spirit with universal consciousness to bring about subtle healing that beings on the cellular level.

We are currently seeking dedicate, passionate and innovative individuals of ALL BACKGROUNDS who are interested in taking an administrative/creative role within our company that can be an invaluable addition to our mission. Communication is key as we venture together in efforts to expand and unite.


We are seeking:




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We are a very young company and what we do -- the hikes and sound healing meditations --is either free, donation based or of a very low cost. We believe that healing starts within and should not cost a dime! But of course, living in the society of today, there must be a monetary exchange of some degree in order to keep the fuel behind the flame.


Visit our ABOUT US page for more information on who we are and what we do!

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