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Saturday May 6, 2023 | 9AM-2PM
Location: Carderock, MD

Nothing shows us more strength and stability than connecting to the Earth elements. This rock climbing adventure will truly test your limits and show you the condition of your core. We invite you to join in with us as we learn the art of rock climbing in nature. Beginners are welcomed!

We are so happy to have you once again. This event is for the true of heart seeking to level up on the next challenge. This event is suitable for participates of 12 years and older.

We will be traveling together to the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland for an experience of a lifetime! We will be along side with trained professionals as we learn the basics of Rock Climbing

You’ll learn:

  • Climbing gear selection and use

  • Basic knots

  • Belay technique

  • Rock-reading skills and climbing movement

  • Rappelling

  • Crag etiquette and stewardship

This event is lead and guided by EastOutdoors -- A Woman of Color Outdoor Company.

This event is from 8AM-4:00PM Lunch & Transportation will be provided by WOCO Team.

Agenda provided by East Outdoors

Upon registration and payment, more details will be provided including meet up location and lunch options.

Register at the Link Below


Saturday August 31, 2024 | 1PM-3PM

Butterflies are known as the Angels of the Air. They teach show us that change takes time. Join us as we walk through the beautiful Masonville Nature Reserve as Urban Biologist Ela-Sita teaches us all about the life as a butterfly. we will close off this adventure with a rejuvenating sound healing meditation in nature.

Join us as we gather at Masonville Cove to learn all about the life of a butterfly and set out to find our own Angel of the Air! You will be provided with a butterfly net as Urban Biologist Ela-Sita guides us on a tour of the beautiful post-industrial lands of South Baltimore. 


This is a nature reserve area in which was restore about 10 years ago. 


Upon arrival we we gather for an introduction talk and be given our butterfly nets


We will walk the trails of the cove as we connect and be on the look out for wild butterflies native to the area.


As a group we will gather back to the prime location for a restorative sound healing session in nature guided by the beautiful soundstress of WOCO Hike & Sound Healing


Upon closing out, we will have the chance to share our experience and get information on the next events!


Tickets to this event are paid based on what you can give! (Minimum is $5) 


We are looking forward to having you join us!


Saturday Sept 16, 2023 | 11AM-2PM

Experience the beauty of our backyard and all of its wild riches on this guided hike and kayak tour along one of Baltimores most hidden gems, Masonville Cove. This is an all inclusive Hike & Kayak Adventure Sponsored by Our Partners at the Cove.

More details to come!

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