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5 Deep Breaths

5 Minutes of Silence & Stillness

5 Thoughts of Gratitude

These are all ways to bring the mind body and spirit into alignment with the moment that you are in. Making the decisión to take a break from autopilot to examine your thoughts and how you feel can make a world of difference! Making this a daily practice ultimately results in understanding our mental patterns, what causing us to feel the way we do and ultimate giving us the power to now choose how we want to respond to the way we feel and the clarity of what to do when we are feeling more complex emotions.

Meditation is simply the tunnel that unites all layers of who we are by calming the mind and body so that we may tap into the depths of ourselves.

Find time to meditate daily and see how your energy and overall wellness changes overtime.

Not sure of to begin to meditate? Join us for a group meditation sound healing! Book Online and we will come to you or you can join us on our outdoor patio space!

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