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TBA 2021

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 18 April 2021

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We are continuously growing and striving to expand so that we impact as many people from various walks of life as possible. We have invested much time and personal finance into what we do without taking anything out! As we continue to strengthen our community of healers & hikers ever penny makes a difference. All proceeds will go towards magnifying each and every WOCO Hike & Sound Healing Experience.

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We welcome you to WOCO Hike & Sound Healing with a loving embrace -- we are truly glad that you found us! We are an organization that exist to bring about experiences of transformational healing through creating a union between Women of Color and Mother nature on our monthly HIKES (March - November) accompanied by a deep meditation infused with SOUND HEALING that serves to sonically realign the the vibratory frequency of the cell into its most harmonious state. 


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  • Sun, Apr 18
    This is our second installment of the WOCO Hike and Sound Healing Experience Season 4! Let's tap into the divine nature our planet and ourselves.


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 We all came from our Mother Earth and will return to her when we no longer have breath. In the in between time we see that it is vital to connect and give daily reverence to the people, plants and animals native to this planet.