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WOCO Hike and Sound Healing Experience is an organization that host hiking trips for Woman of Color Only (WOCO).  We find it of the utmost significance to create a space for Women of Color to connect, bond and heal together given that many of the societal issues, traumas, and hardships that we deal with in life are unique to us.

Our mission is to create space in places that are adequate enough to express the truest part of ourselves, life experiences and build a genuine connection with other Women of Color from an array of backgrounds. As we hike in these outdoor spaces we are able to learn from one another, share stories, and ground our energies through group sound meditation (sound therapy) to experience an internal consciousness awakening that realigns the mind, body and spirit with universal consciousness to bring about subtle healing that beings on the cellular level.

We have been going strong since March 2018 and we are continuing to grow and develop our hikes in more ways than one. Many of the women that hike with us have returned to join us on other hikes due to the relationships that they have began to build. We have received nothing but positive feedback over the 18 months in which we have been hosting our hikes. This is the fuel to our flame! Knowing that we are positively influencing the lives of women by giving them the opportunity to be in beautiful places with other beautiful people who look like them.

In the future, we can see ourselves traveling of our home state of Maryland to various parks and nature sights within the United States, camping overnight & retreats into the great outdoors to bond, explore and make memories that will last us a lifetime. We have the time and the team, yet we are seeking financial assistance that will be used to purchase equipment for hikes, camping, and future gatherings. This will greatly assist the women who join us on our excursions to be adequately prepared and safe. In any case, we want to express our deepest thanks and gratitude for your consideration. We are sincerely appreciative for anything that can be donated to us. I can reassure you that it will be put to good use!

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