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This set of 7 quartz crystal singing bowls set have amazing, clear, deep, and rich vibrational resonance with the power to heal the body, mind and energy field. Each bowl is attuned to  the frequency of each major energy center of your body. The bowls are made of 99.9% pure crystal and tuned to about 432 Hz.

The Crystal Singing Bowl Set included

7 Bowel(12"C 11"D 10"E 9"F 7"G 8"A 7"B),

2 Padded case bag

2 Suede Stick

2 Rubber Mallet

7 O-ring

We have our own factory, we have many professional technologists and production capacity. The quartz crystal singing bowl is selected one by one before leaving our factory. We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our quartz singing bowl

7 Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

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