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Purification on the subtle level is simply the rebalancing of the saline & water . When its balance it creates the perfect charge thus inducing high vibrational energy into the cell. All of the organs, tissue, bones, etc. in your body are compost of trillioins upon trillions of cells. 


Treat your cells right with this ultra cleansing aura oil. Its emollient & easy to absorb. Its its beautiful sweet earth tone aroma harmonize and tranqualize the spirit giving clarity of mind. 


Find a beautiful guided visual meditation on the back of each bottle. Speak it out loud has you coat your skin and hair in this. marvelous oil mix .


This is a perfect oil to use on your hair skin and scalp.

Aura Oli Purify + Protect

Size: Aura Oil Roll On
  • Bug Repellant come in 1oz roll-on valves.

    Store in room temperature for longevity.

    Good for 6-12months (but you'll probably use it in one summer ;)

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