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The subtle yet powerful vibrations that emmanate from this ancient  device has been used by healers for centuries. when the tuning fork is activated, it sends a very strong vibration into the body moving tension, stress and restoring the original vibration.

  • About the Product:one high quality Crystal Tuning Fork & one suede mallet, & carrying case.
  • About Us: WOCO is a seller of Nice Crystal Tuning Fork whom is a producer of Crystal Tuning Fork. The Crystal Tuning Fork which are a mixture of rare minerals and quartz crystals, produce an ethereal sound. Each Crystal Tuning Fork is made with rare minerals and crystal blends to promote balance and harmony in one’s existence.
  • Application: Crystal Tuning Fork apply to sound healing and meditation, prayer, buddhist, yoga, stress reduction, balancing body chakra, adjusting our emotional state and so on.
  • Handmade: Our Crystal Tuning Fork are hand hammered by craftsmen to ensure precision tuning to make the sound more harmonious. It has amazing sound, each pyramid is an unique music instrument.
  • After Sale:NICE is committed to bringing you a perfect shopping experience. The Crystal Tuning Fork is fragile, but we promise that if it is damaged during transportation, please contact us, we will replace it for you free of charge.

Crystal Tuning Fork

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