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Perfect for Groups of 4 or more!


Revitalize your entire being and tune back into your explorative and curious energy that as we hike through and experience the serenity of nature. Each month from March to November we will bring you incredible hikes with other incredible women of color doing amazing things. We have been hiking and sound healing, building friendships and connecting with nature since March 2018 and have impacted 100's of lives of the 100's of hours we have dedicated to bring unforgettable healing experiences in nature and beyond. This season we have some we incredible hike and outdoor sound healing experiences to bring to you. Each month the hike location will change. See Hike Calendar for hike info by month in you members only access area.



We will meet up in the parking lot of the trail bright and early on the morning of the hike. The hike promptly commences after a warm and welcoming meet and greet ice breaker exercise. Hiking is a truly blissful experience and can truly aid in deep stress relief and provide the body with abundant oxygen enhancing the self healing process! Along the trail you may see wildlife, various floral and fauna -- even small streams and waterfalls*!


As we return to the head of the trail, everyone will have the oportunnity to collect the items they may need for the sound healing meditation portion of the hike.


This may include: +Water +Yoga Mat or Blanket +Towel +Crystals or Other Metaphysical Healing Tools


We welcome you with warm energy to the sacred space in nature that we will build before your eyes. We call in all energies of love to grace us and transform our hearts. You will find the space lit with candles, scents of sage and frankinsence with myrrh whirling through the air.


Our instrumental set will fill the area. Lay out your mat. Relax your mind. Join in on the journey as we guide you to the core of you where deep peace resides. Allow the sound to wash over your entire body system removing all blockages and allowing a flow of abundant energy into your world once again. We will end the sound healing with positive affirmations to seal in the love and transformation brought into the space.

Guide Nature Hike + Sound Meditation

  • If a dire circumstances happens to occur. You have up to 7 day to rebook given 14 day advance notice of new date. Only one reschedule will be allowed. No refunds due to missed appointments or delayed scheduling

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