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The home is truly our castle.


Our place of refuge from the outside world.


We want our homes to be the place we can always find peace and rest. When guest visit, they should feel its warmth and welcoming vibe. A well kept home is clean and organize most of the time while we give ourselves grace for the days (or weeks!) that life gets busy.


Your home will always be a reflection of your emotional state of being as well as how you take care of yourself. Thus it is paramount that energy be move, & reconstructed to emit higher resonating frequencies i.e. love, joy, patience, and mindfulness due to the heighten awareness of your consciousness. By way of sound this all can happen. For this very reason, your home needs to experience pure frequency sounds as well. Thank you for your interest in this service.

You + Your House is going to Love it! :)

Duration: ~1hr.5*

10min - Arrival & Tour of Home -

20min - Set up ; Cleansing Sage + Frankincense + Myrrh

15min - Sound Cleansing of Walls Floors Corners With Bells

20 min - Second Sound Sweep with Crystal Singing Bowls + Flute in Closets & dark spaces (i.e. in closets, attics, basements, etc.).

10min - Closing Task + Departure *Depending on the number of rooms(that includes common areas) and the age of the home will determine if the session is any longer.


Tell us how many rooms? We will set up the bowls in each room & use bells along the walls and corners to dispell of any unwanted or stagnant energy. Please make sure that your house is clean and organized before we arrive (i.e. dishes, floors, etc.) At the close of the service we will let you know about any energies we picked up on and advise accordingly.


See you soon !


Please contact if you have anymore questions about this service.


Harmonic House Cleanse

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