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Surviving the Winter's Cold

Stay Healthy. Beat the cold.

The winter time can be quite harsh on the physical body due to the lack of sun we generate very little vitamin D to support our bones, the cold air dries out our skin and hair, so many more germs lay dormant in places unknown -- it can be a lot! If you live in a region that experiences cold weather I am sure you can fully relate. Last year, I moved to Costa Rica with certainty that I would never return back to experience another winter and boy was I wrong. I returned back to the states in mid-December 2017 and completely missed the fall season. My body had no time to acclimate itself to the 30 degree weather that hit us! Soon enough the color on my skin began to fade, which is normal, but that wasn’t the end. I began to experience intense joint and muscle pains like no other to the point where some days I could barely get out of the bed. One of the days it was so bad I broke down into tears. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed solutions.

Although my situation was severe, I was able to find ways to bring my body back into balance and to make it through the winter. This winter season I plan on doing the exact same!