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WOCO Hike & SH

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Let me start off by sharing some rare footage from out last hike ! 🤗 high key we had an amazing time . it simply feels good to be outdoors 😭🌞✨🌲

Thanks do much for joining and thanks for being exactly who you are. 😚

For over two years now we’ve Found a trail & got together women of color to hike together and ever since, we have just became a family !


some sort of wave of energy comes over me in hike day feels of renewal, excitement, amped to see my sisters & to be amongst the elements.

yeaaaa lol so i really hope to see you on the next hike! Please subscribe to our email list for updates on hikes, retreats, sound healing and more!


Paegan Kesler


The Official WOCO Hike & Sound Healing Virtual Space! ✨📬Up...


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